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Here's the Median Rent for a 1BD in Philly Right Now

It's $1,250. And $1,280.

Depending where you look, the median rental price of a 1-bedroom apartment in Philly currently hovers around $1,200-ish.

Take Apartment List, for example, which found that as of May, the median price is $1,250. Zumper, however, claims that it's slightly higher at $1,280.

Many rental websites that publish these reports come up with their numbers using listings in their own databases. So take these numbers with a grain of salt.

The numbers vary even more when you look at the 2-bedroom median prices. According to Zumper, a 2-bedroom rental goes for $1,440. Apartment List says the median rental price is $1,580.

Like we said, grain of salt.