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Video Captures Incredible South Philly Mural Lit Up in All Its Neon Glory

Electric Street aims to bring some life to a crime-riddled street

If all of the Instagrams of the city’s newest neon mural haven’t already convinced you to make a trip to South Philly, this video probably will.

Local videographer Cory J. Popp recently shot a 44-second video of "Electric Street," a new mural located on Percy Street in South Philly. It was created somewhat quietly by Philly locals David Guinn and Drew Billiau as a way to bring some color to a quiet street that was often riddled with crime, according to the blog Streets Dept.

The mural is located just south of 9th and Wharton streets. Guinn and Billiau pitched their fight-crime-with-art proposal to the Knight Foundation and won a challenge to create the mural in partnership with the Mural Arts program.

Watch the video below.