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There’s Only One Townhome Left at 22nd and Lombard in Fitler Square

The $1.995 million price tag buys you a lot

Two of the three townhomes in the development at 22nd and Lombard in Fitler Square have been sold, leaving one left on the market for just under $2 million.

The townhomes sit on the site of what was once a parking lot, then a set of four buildings until 2015 when developers U.S. Construction bought the property. All three high-end homes are still under construction and are expected to be finished "around the end of the year," Noah Ostroff, CEO of Philly Living, tells Curbed Philly.

Like the other two townhomes, the last home available at 2143 Lombard Street is 5,920 square feet and features four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a two-car garage. There’s also a roof top pool with an outdoor kitchen, as well as an elevator.

It’s undoubtedly a luxurious home for the neighborhood. It has to be, with Carl Dranoff’s One Riverside condos under construction nearby on the Schuylkill and the FMC Tower close to completion across the way. Not to mention that prime locations big enough for new developments are few and far between in the cozy neighborhood of Fitler Square.

The asking price of this home is $1,995,000.