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During DNC, Public Encouraged to ‘Speak Freely’ at Truth Booth

Be a part of a public art piece

It’s been a tense few months for a long list of reasons, and it’s about to be even more so when the Democratic National Convention comes to town next week. But a group of artists is making sure that politicians won’t be the only ones speaking for the people during the DNC.

The Truth Booth is coming to Philadelphia next week, setting up shop in multiple locations including Eakins Oval on July 26, Independence National Historical Park on the 27, and 8th and Diamond Recreation Center on the 28.

Here’s how the free public art event works: On the 26 at Eakins Oval, the artists will set up a giant, white, inflatable speech bubble that says the word "Truth." The public will be encouraged to step inside the sculpture and be videotaped saying the phrase, "The truth is ..."

The installation will then move to the national park and the recreation center the next two days.

The artists are traveling to 24 U.S. cities throughout the summer, but say the three-day stop in Philadelphia will be especially poignant:

During this event, the Cause Collective aims to empower Philadelphia’s community to speak freely and let their voices be heard above those of the national politicians and media who would claim to speak for them. This event will transform a public space into a site for candor and intimacy at a juncture when outside forces will be heavily invested in persuading the public to see things their way.

So keep an eye out for the big speech bubble next week—and speak your truth!