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Divine Lorraine Apartments Will Be Move-In Ready by End of Year

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We got an exclusive private tour of two finished units

Yesterday you might have caught our private tour of the Divine Lorraine on Curbed Philly’s Facebook page. If you watched, you’ll know that two of the apartments in the historic hotel are now complete and offer a clearer picture of what to expect with the units than the construction photos we shared earlier this month.

In fact, the apartments will be move-in ready earlier than expected, Ed Casella of EB Realty Management told Curbed Philly. Construction is "weeks ahead of schedule" and apartments are expected to be officially move-in ready by the end of the year.

"We're really working hard to finish the apartments and get the elevator up and running so that people can start moving in," Casella said.

A few more details we learned on the tour:

  • The annex, connected to the main building, may become a boutique hotel and restaurant. Originally, the Divine Lorraine was going to have about 120 apartments, including some units in the annex. The new plan, Casella said, calls for 101 apartments in the main building and converting the annex into hotel rooms.
  • The private balconies in every unit will be restored, but will not be accessible. Given the historic designation of the hotel, the developers are mandated to maintain the property's original integrity, explained Casella. The height of the original railings of the balconies are not up to today's codes "so they'll be decorative only."
  • 10 of the units, including one of the bi-level units on the 10th floor, have already been leased.
  • Many of the apartment units are mergers of two or three original hotel rooms. Square footage ranges from the mid-500s to the 1,400s. "We were a little nervous about the square footages in the 500-600s," Casella said. "But the floor plans are laid out so generously so they don’t feel as small as they are on paper."

Missed the video? Here it is, plus some photos of one of the finished apartments on the second floor of the 11-story building.

    Divine Lorraine Hotel

    699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123