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Map Shows Where Democrats, Republicans Rent and Buy in Philly

Hint: Not together

Philadelphia is just one "geological silo" that’s popped up across the country in the last 20 years, with more Republicans than Democrats owning homes and liberals opting to live in the city versus the ‘burbs.

That’s according to a recent report released by real estate website Redfin, which found that in Philadelphia—the site of next week’s Democratic National Convention—the homeownership rate is nearly 80 percent among Republicans and 62 percent among Democrats.

Not surprisingly, the researchers add, conservatives buy homes with bigger price tags—nearly double the $99,000 that liberals tend to spend.

This map puts it into perspective:

To crunch the numbers, Redfin used data on political affiliation from Clarity Campaign Labs and real estate listing data from April, May, and June of this year.

This graph shows the likelihood of Democrats and Republicans in Philadelphia owning or renting:

Why does this matter? Homeownership rates aren’t necessarily tied to political affiliations, but the increasing "geological silos" that are being created are contributing to the "political polarization," the researchers write:

The homeownership divide is making things worse by feeding the nation’s wealth gap, which increasingly is breaking down by race. Whites on average have twice the income of blacks and Hispanics but six times the wealth, according to Urban Institute, a liberal-leaning think tank. Uneven access to homeownership is one reason, and it’s a contributor to voter anger and frustration.