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DNC: Philly Landmarks Light Up Red, White, and Blue for DNC

The city is showing off its patriotic pride


There was a somewhat anxious edgy atmosphere in Center City this weekend as the city finished up last-minute touches to Philly as it prepared to welcome some 50,000 people to the Democratic National Convention. Helicopters flying high above the city were regular sightings, protestors began taking to the streets, and the roads leading to Center City hotels basically came to a gridlock on Sunday afternoon.

Local landmarks were busy debuting their new nighttime looks, too: Boathouse Row, with its recent installation of updated LED lights, will shine red, white, and blue. 30th Street Station will, too, with some added stars and stripes added to the mix. The iconic view of City Hall from South Broad is also sporting the patriotic look.

Boathouse Row

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