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Princess Grace Kelly’s Childhood Home Gets $150K Pricechop

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Down from it’s original $1 million price tag

This East Falls home may be fit for a princess, but not a $1 million price tag, apparently. Princess Grace Kelly’s childhood home at 3901 Henry Avenue that listed for a cold $1 million in June is now $150,000 cheaper.

Kelly grew up in this 6-bedroom, 4-bath home that was built by her father John, who also made a name for himself as a decorated Olympian swimmer. Besides the fact that it was the childhood home of a future princess, it’s also where the Prince of Monaco proposed to the Oscar-winning actress.

As Curbed Philly reported in June, the home did go through some unhappy endings when the home changed ownership in the 1970s. It made news in 2013 after the property was discovered in a sorry state, infested with cats.

Listing agent Patricia Gernerd said the new owners did bring the home back to shape, though it still needs some work. Or, as the listing puts it: "This house is a diamond waiting to be polished and brought back to it's original splendor."

The asking price of the home is now $850,000.