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DNC: Photos Capture Protests that Took Over Philly Yesterday

Watch a blow-up joint get touted around the city

Yesterday marked the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and the city was abuzz—and ridiculously humid—with activity, protests, and marches. For the most part, it was pretty peaceful: No one was arrested, though more than 50 citations were issued.

There was a lot to witness, from a massive blow-up joint that was touted around the city to the crowd of protestors who refused to move until the city agreed to take down the Mississippi flag at South Broad Street and Passyunk Avenue (50 state flags are on display along the street for the DNC). The city did in fact remove the flag, which features the Confederate symbol, from the pole.

Protests will go on today through the rest of the week (you can find a map of the permitted demonstrations here), but here are some of the best snapshots and a video by Cory J. Popp from yesterday’s events.

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The crowd has lost it now!!

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Let the #party begin #dnc #dncphilly #demsinphilly

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Things are heating up on Broad Street #igers_philly #phillygram #dnc2016 ☀️☀️☀️

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Watch out Hillary, people with big signs are coming for you

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Taking our country back. #SeeYouInPhilly #FeelTheBern #StillSanders #TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised

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'Feel the Bern' #dnc2016 #democraticnationalconvention #philadelphia #march #BernieSanders #bernie

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