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Watch: Hundreds of Cyclists Bike Down Broad Street for Peaceful Non-Protest

People from all over Philly cruised down Broad Street for RideDNC

Hundreds of cyclists cruised down Broad Street to the Wells Fargo Center last night as part of a peaceful, non-protest event during the Democratic National Convention.

The event was organized two locals, Maria Serrahima and Alexandria Schneider, who are the brains behind the other popular bike events Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride, PopeRide, and Philly Open Ride. The duo decided to host the DNC Bike Ride down Broad Street as a way to "peacefully celebrate the political process, while making our voices heard."

Local videographer Cory J. Popp went along for the ride, which started up by Cheltenham Avenue and ended at the Wells Fargo Center. He tells Curbed Philly, "We had hundreds of people join in the ride from all over Philly, and it turned into such a fun, energetic, peaceful event."

Did you miss the ride? It may be the last day of the convention but there are still plenty of events happening around the city today and tomorrow.