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Philly Rent: Historic Properties to Rent for $2,300

From a Victorian mansion in Germantown to a former police station in Old City

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a dive into the options available for a certain price point in various neighborhoods. In honor of Independence Day, we took a look at historic rentals around town. Is one person’s Industrial era loft another person's Federalist townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $2,300/month.

Germantown (3 beds, 2 baths)—For $2,350/month, this apartment has period details, like a grand Victorian staircase, as well as modern updates to the kitchen and baths. And at 1,950 square feet, it’s still only part of one Tulpehocken Station Historic District mansion. This 13-block area is on the National Register of Historic Places and sits among other historic properties like the nearby Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion.

Rittenhouse Square (2 beds, 1 bath )This unit is in the historic eight-story Newport apartment building, which was built in 1897 by New York architect Thomas Bennett. For $2,250/month the modern finishes inside are a sharp contrast to the Victorian details of the building’s exterior. The layout may feel a bit compartmentalized, but the wood floors gleam, there is a gym in the building, and nice views of the neighborhood out several of the windows.

Old City (2 beds, 1 bath)—Firmly within the Old City Historic District, which is touted as "America’s most historic square mile," this former police station now houses modern condos and apartments. The unit has a flashy kitchen and bath, which includes a Jacuzzi, a gated entry, and available on site parking for an additional cost above the $2,295/month rent. It is ready to rent in August.

Northern Liberties ( 2 beds, 2 baths )This apartment is located at 400 Green Street in a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sometimes called the Integrity Trust Building, it’s famous because it was built in 1902 by three locals—Frederick Poth, Charles Ehrenfort, and Herman Wischman—who opened a bank, and wanted the building to reflect the design traditions of their heavily German neighborhood. The unit features loft-style living areas and a fully updated kitchen.

Fitler Square (2 beds, 1 bath)—This 850-square-foot house is a classic Philly trinity, so each of the main rooms is on a separate floor. The property itself isn't historic, but it is located in the historic district of Fitler Square. The kitchen is tight, and squeezed onto the small first floor with a cozy living room. Above that is a bedroom, bathroom, and second story deck. The second bedroom occupies the third floor. The block is great for walking because cars barely fit down this old, narrow street, but that means parking will be a challenge.