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Report: Philly has the 20th Best Commute in America

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Though no one’s happy with SEPTA right about now

Philadelphia often ranks among the top 10 cities for its walkability and high bike commuting rates, but a new ranking by a real estate website argues that it’s really 20th best in the country.

(No argument there at the moment, with one-third of the SEPTA rail fleet currently out of commission due to a defect. Womp, womp.)

Redfin’s report was released last week with the launch of its new tool called Opportunity Score, which aims to help people find homes for sale with 30-minute car-free commutes.

Philadelphia came in 20th place, tied with Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Concord, California. These cities’ opportunity score: 33.

The number, which ranges from zero to 100, "represents how easy it is to get to nearby jobs without a car. Scores also consider the local population to reflect the fact that places with more people likely have more competition for local jobs."

Entering a few addresses into the Opportunity Score tool revealed some interesting variations between neighborhoods:

University City, for example is considered a "Job seeker’s paradise" thanks to its 99 score and quick access to jobs via public transportation.

Over in Port Richmond, though, there’s good job accessibility, but it’s a tad less convenient to commute to them. Its opportunity score is around 66.

You can enter specific addresses into the tool and find out how good (or bad) your commute is via public transportation.