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How many Philadelphians can afford to buy a home?

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A new report says a little less than half

Last week a local report highlighted the fact that Philadelphia housing has officially become a seller’s market, with home values at an all-time high. While that’s encouraging news for owners who want to sell their homes, will anyone actually be able to buy them?

According to a new Zumper report, maybe not.

Researchers surveyed 6,000 people—most of whom skew younger—and found that in Philadelphia, while 89.5 percent say they want to own a home, just 47.9 percent say they can afford a mortgage.

Here’s how those numbers compare to other big U.S. cities.

Now, this is all based on what those surveyed think the median mortgage on a home in Philadelphia costs. They could be assuming that a mortgage costs a lot more (or less) than reality.

In fact, mortgage rates in Philadelphia are on the rise, according to the latest reports. As of last week, the average rate on the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate in the region increased to 3.64 percent. That puts the monthly payment on a $165,000 mortgage at $753.88.