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Report: Philly is number one in walkability and new construction

Mixed-use developments are more walkable than the city itself

Philly always gets credit for being a very walkable city, and it’s turning heads with the insane amount of new construction. So we aren’t entirely surprised by the news that it was recently ranked the number one city leading the way in walkable new construction.

Redfin’s latest report says 91 percent of new Philly homes built in 2016 have a walk score higher than the actual city score, which is 78.

Chicago came in second, with 89 percent of new homes having high walk scores.

The report states:

"Philly is on fire when it comes to walkable new construction," said Redfin agent Tom Lewis. [...] A lot of these new homes are in extremely walkable areas that are getting more walkable by the day; places like Northern Liberties , Fishtown, Frankford, South Philly and Point Breeze are seeing a lot of new construction activity. Buyers who are getting priced out of New York and Washington D.C. are flocking to Philly and developers are rushing to meet the demand. A lot of the new construction buildings are also mixed-use, which in turn is increasing walkability throughout the city."

That’s all true, and another recent report found that a majority of the new construction is on the high-end, with these apartments averaging about $1,795 per month.

That price point may sound steep to locals, but pretty affordable to New Yorkers and Washingtonians eyeing the city.