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Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired ‘treehouse’ in Exton asks $595K

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It’s surrounded by woods

A modern home surrounded by trees in Exton that was inspired by starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright is on the market for $595,000, down from its original price tag of $650,000.

It’s nickname is the "Treehouse," but there isn’t any woodsy about the home itself aside from its surroundings. The 2,670-square-foot property is made of stucco on block and steel beam and was built in 1968. It features a mix-match of Wright-friendly architectural details, from the expansive windows that maximize outdoor views to the front door, which was designed to mimic the architect’s cedar doors.

The light and airy living room features an unusual, metal curving fireplace, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the home’s straight lines.

Then, there’s the back of the home that is essentially a wall of windows, and a big deck, which, as the listing so poetically puts it, allows "more opportunity to dissolve the boundaries between the manmade world and the serenity of nature."

This home in Chester County is about 32 miles outside of Philly.