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These are the tiniest apartments for sale in Philly right now

Starting at 313 square feet

Not everyone needs or wants a grandiose mansion on the Main Line with an eight-car garage. But would you pay $109,000 to live in 313 square feet of space in Center City?

That’s the price of the smallest unit currently for sale in Philly, according to a recent analysis by NeighborhoodX. The real estate research site pinpointed the 16 smallest apartments and condos on the market and broke their analysis down by price per square foot.

The analysis found that the smallest units range from 313 to 493 square feet and $109,000 to $279,900.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the smallest and most expensive units are in Center City and Rittenhouse Square. The second most expensive unit, for example, is located right on Rittenhouse Square in the Savoy. The price tag for that 439-square-foot condo? $265,500.

The Art Museum is where you can get the most bang for buck, though. Three apartments in this neighborhood offer the smallest price tag per square footage.

You can view all of the listings via NeighborhoodX’s interactive chart here.