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New Philly Bike Map reveals every bike path, Indego station, and suggested connections

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A lot has changed since 2014

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission has released its new and improved 2016 Philadelphia Bike Map, revealing every bike lane, Indego bikeshare station, and sharrow throughout the city.

At the time of publication, the city still had its 2014 bike map online. That was before the Indego bikeshare program was established and long before the city’s new $300,000 grant to build more protected bike paths throughout the city.

To see how much Philly’s bike system has changed in the last two years, check out this before-after visual of the 2014 and 2016 maps.

One nice feature of the updated 2016 map is that it highlights in gray all of the "suggested connections," or streets that cyclists might use to get between two existing lanes. A suggested lane on Christian Street would stretch all across Center City. And further north, the map suggests a connection from Poplar Street over to 2nd street.

Here’s a copy of the free, updated map:

Philadelphia Bike Map 2016 by Melissa on Scribd