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Flashy renderings revealed of Hamilton Court renovations

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The historic apartment complex is getting a big upgrade

New renderings of the historic Hamilton Court’s new look have been unveiled, and they are something else.

Development company Post Brothers recently revealed their plans for the apartment complex’s renovations to the Spruce Hill Neighborhood Community Association. Naked Philly featured two of the renderings designed by Coscia Moos, which feature a new, spaceship-like building planned for the courtyard.

The second floor of the new building will be a gym for residents.

But there’s more: Post Brothers shared a slew of other renderings of the existing building with Curbed Philly, further fleshing out their plans for Hamilton Court.

Co-founder Matt Pestronk says the currently vacant ground-floor spaces in the building along 39th, Chestnut, and Sansom streets will be converted into retail.

"Most of the retail will be food uses," Pestronk says.

The historic residential development was one of the first apartment complexes built in Philadelphia in 1901, as a swanky U-shaped building with an inner courtyard and fountain. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

But the structure at 39th and Chestnut has seen better days. The Post Brothers bought the property, along with six other University City residential buildings, in 2015 for $250 million.

As for the timeline, Pestronk says, "We hope to have the retailers open in the existing building within one year, and the new courtyard building completed in two years."