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Newbold’s new name is East Point Breeze Neighbors

Residents have spoken

The votes are in: Newbold’s new name is East Point Breeze Neighbors.

Dozens of residents came out to vote yesterday for the Newbold Neighborhood Association’s new name, choosing between three contenders: Neighbors Together in Point Breeze, Point Towards Broad Neighbors, and the winner, East Point Breeze Neighbors.

Why the change? The civic association writes:

The name of the association was often a source of contention in the community and came to inhibit the mission of the organization. The name "Newbold," coined by a local real estate developer, is also found in two other neighboring civic groups (Newbold Civic Association, Newbold Commercial Development Corporation) and has often been interpreted as being divisive and attempting to "rebrand" an area. The name was also the reason given to board members on an ongoing basis as the reason that many residents chose not to get involved.

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The "local real estate developer" that the association speaks of is John Longacre. He has opened a number of businesses in Point Breeze over the years, including American Sardine Bar and a pop-up beer garden.

Adding to the contention is that much of the so-called Newbold neighborhood actually lies in Point Breeze territory, according to South Philly Review.

The civic association says that it will begin the name-changing process within the next few months.