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The Divine Lorraine lobby restorations are underway

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And the sign-lighting ceremony may take place this fall

Editor's note (August 26): EB Realty has reached out to Curbed Philly since publication of this article with a date change for the sign-lighting ceremony. It has been pushed from September to a later date. We will update this article when a date is finalized.

With Divine Lorraine apartments expected to be move-in ready by the end of the year, attention has turned to two critical aspects of the historic hotel: The re-lighting of the iconic red signs and the lobby restoration.

Regional property manager Ed Casella tells Curbed Philly that the Divine Lorraine signs that sit on top of the building will celebrate their lighting ceremony in this fall. EB Realty will host a block party for the sign lighting, open to the public with food and a DJ.

The signs have been restored for some time now, but have remained dark nevertheless.

Meanwhile, construction crews have started working on restoring the grand lobby of the Divine Lorraine. Currently, they are working on recreating all of the original ornate moldings and columns, which Casella says will "take a lot of time."

EB Realty Management, owned by developer Eric Blumenfeld, is also still waiting to finalize commercial tenants for the lobby. The plan is for two restaurants to set up shop on both sides of the lobby.

"There is significant progress so far though," Casella says.

#divinelorraine lobby restoration underway

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In the Instagram photo posted yesterday, the crews are working on the lobby area, and it looks like the main desk has been removed, as planned. It will be replaced with a bigger, circular welcome desk.

Here’s what the roof top and lobby looked like back in May, during Curbed Philly’s exclusive tours of the Divine Lorraine.

Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123