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How much space $1,500 rents you in Philly vs. other cities

Three times as much space as New York

Just like around the rest of the country, rents are on the rise in Philadelphia. But does the high monthly price tag at least rent you a lot of space?

Perhaps, according to a new report that says $1,500 rents you 820 square feet of space in Philly. That’s three times as much space as in New York.

RentCafe recently crunched a lot of numbers to find out how much space $1,500 rents across 100 major U.S. cities. They looked at the average price per square foot data in each city to come up with their results.

Not surprisingly, Philly offers more bang for buck than New York, San Francisco, and Boston, where square footage comes at a notoriously high price. In Boston, for example, $1,500 rents just 399 square feet of space.

Yet Philly is still one of the highest-priced rental markets in all of the 100 U.S. cities included. If you hover over RentCafe’s infographic, you can see just how much rents vary across the nation.