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PokéDelphia tour lets you play Pokémon Go while exploring historic sites

It's the first tour in the region dedicated to playing Pokémon Go

Say what you want about Pokemon Go, but the popular game has brought thousands to the streets, encouraging them to explore their city. But it hasn’t come without its risks: Staring at your phone while walking along a busy street isn’t exactly safe. And can one really take in a city when they’re trying to catch ‘em all?

Actually, yes. Philadelphia Urban Adventures has just launched PokéDelphia, a new tour that leads you to Pokemon stops and gyms throughout Old City, all while fitting in stops to historical sites along the way.

It’s the only organized tour in the area specifically dedicated to playing Pokémon Go.

Here’s how it works: The two-hour tour meets at the Philly Tour Hub at 229 Arch Street. There, you and other trainers start incubating a new egg, all while learning about the origins of Philadelphia.

Professor Willow (a Pokemon professor who gives trainers—you—their first Poké ball to capture a Pokémon) then leads you to historic sites like Elfreth’s Alley and Independence Hall, as well as Washington Square and coffee shops that may double as Pokéstops.

All the while, a guide will be there to tell you about the actual history behind all of the Pokéstops. The final stop of the tour is Independence Beer Garden.

PokéDelphia launches this week and runs every Thursday and Friday a 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $20.