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Historic Strawberry Mansion in Fairmount Park seeks live-work renters

But you’ll have to work for it

Turns out you don’t have to earn the big bucks to live in a majestic, historic mansion in Philadelphia. But it definitely requires some hard work.

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance job listing states that the Historic Strawberry Mansion/Committee of 1926 is looking for two volunteers to live in the historic Strawberry Mansion in Fairmount Park, so long as they commit to taking on a caretaker role. The two caretakers will be compensated on a work-for-rent basis.

Per the listing:

The Committee of 1926, the stewardship organization that maintains Historic Strawberry Mansion in Fairmount Park, is seeking live-in caretakers to reside on premises. The caretakers will be compensated on a work-for-rent basis. This arrangement will require the individual(s) to live on-site at the Mansion in a 2-bedroom apartment on the third floor, with private bath. The caretakers are offered a shared kitchen, on-site laundry, free parking, and some additional storage space.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But the live-work gig isn’t for the faint-hearted. According to the job listing, "The work load is extensive, and is best shared between two people."

The work load includes tending to the grounds (lawn-mowing, trash cleaning, and general upkeep), security, handling basic household responsibilities, and giving tours on weekends.

Strawberry Mansion dates back to 1789, when it served as a summer home for Philly lawyer and abolitionist William Lewis. In 1825, its second owner added two Greek Revival-style wings to the home; it’s now the largest of the seven mansions in Fairmount Park.

Here are some historical photos of the interiors and grounds, to give you an idea of what you’re in for.

The listing was posted on August 23, and the position will remain open until it’s filled, so get to it!