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10 Instagram photos of Nightscape at Longwood Gardens that will dazzle you

The epic light installation continues to impress

Last year, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square launched its first-ever Nightscape, a trippy night-time installation that blended lights, music, technology, and nature, offering visitors to explore the beautiful gardens after hours.

Klip Collective is the brains behind Nightscape. The self-described "experimental art shop" integrates projection lighting and technology to create these immersive experiences at cultural institutions. Longwood Gardens, which dates back to the 1700s, approached the art shop in 2012 after seeing one of its installations at Bartram’s Garden.

Nightscape at Longwood Gardens opened for its second year on August 3 and will remain open until October 29. This time, there are a few new surprises, including the addition of a light installation at the always stunning waterlily display. Also, there’s a beer garden—all the more reason to make the visit.

Here are 10 Instagram photos taken at Nightscape that will straight up dazzle you.

@longwoodgardens #Nightscape // @visitphilly #visitphilly

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Projections, Longwood Gardens, 2015

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Longwood Gardens Nightscape. #longwoodgardens #nightscape #summerlights #summer2016

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Magical colors to be seen over at @longwoodgardens #nightscape. #visitphilly #philadelphia #philly #citylife #magic

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#nightscape #longwoodgardensnightscape #longwoodgardens #bush

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#Nightscape2016 opens tomorrow night! #projectionmapping

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According to Longwood Gardens’ website, optimal viewing begins at 8 p.m. in September and 7 p.m. in October. Tickets are $17 range from $17 to $27.