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Amor sculpture will have a new home in Sister Cities Park

Robert Indiana’s artwork will be removed from the Rocky steps

The Amor sculpture that sits on top of the Rocky stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will have a new home on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The Philadelphia Art Commission recently approved the move of Robert Indiana’s Amor Sculpture to Sister Cities Park at 18th Street on the Parkway, PlanPhilly reported yesterday.

The 6-foot-tall sculpture was temporarily moved to the Philadelphia Museum of Art plaza in September 2015 as a way to mark Pope Francis’ big visit to the city with a bilingual display of love.

According to the city’s presentation, provided to Curbed Philly, the new site was considered because it is highly visible and it’s easily accessible to the public who will undoubtedly want to be photographed around it. The site location was also part of the pope’s Parkway Mass and is close to Indiana’s iconic Love sculpture.

As for when the move will happen, Margot Bergman, the city’s public art director, says, "We haven’t nailed that down yet."