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Philly homes are 42 percent bigger than 100 years ago

We’re livin’ large

It’s Micro Week here at Curbed Philly, but for the most part homeowners in Philadelphia have been living large for quite some time, literally. A new report reveals that Philly's homes are 42 percent bigger than 100 years ago.

Property Shark recently dug deep into housing data from the past century in 32 of the country’s biggest cities. Across the board, the average size of houses have increased dramatically. They found that U.S. homes are now 74 percent larger than properties built in 1910.

In Philly, homes are 42 percent bigger, which is significant when you compare that to other northeast cities like DC and New York, where homes have actually shrunk by 14 and 11 percent, respectively.

It’s the new builds that keep growing. From 2010 to 2016, the median size of newly constructed homes was 1,919 square feet. But when you bring in the full housing stock, the median size of Philly homes is more like 1,200 square feet.