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Hyatt Hotel renderings released ahead of Civic Design Review

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Plus, six other big projects are on the table

After months of asking "Will it or won’t it?", it looks like Little Pete’s diner will close to make room for a Hyatt Centric Hotel, based on renderings released ahead of the Civic Design Review’s October 4 meeting.

As it stands, the design proposal calls for a 13-story Hyatt Centric Hotel with 7,300 square feet of ground retail, and a 220-car underground parking garage. Designed by DAS Architects, the hotel is supposed to "reflect the vertical expression of the Art Deco hi-rise era."

The release of the renderings seem to be the developer’s way of making it official, after rumors circulated for months that the hotel had backed out of the project. Earlier this month, a spokeperson for Hyatt told Curbed Philly that no agreements had been signed, despite zoning permits going up at Little Pete’s, as reported by Eater Philly.

The hotel isn’t the only proposal going to the Civic Design Review in October. Six other projects will be reviewed, including:

  1. A 454-unit tower in Callowhill designed by Cecil A. Baker, who is on the CDR Committee;
  2. A townhome development at 2501 Washington Avenue;
  3. Aramark’s new headquarters at 2400 Market, which was just announced this month;
  4. Philadelphia Housing Authority’s headquarters, which will return for its second showing;
  5. A residential development within South Philly’s Sports Stadium District plan; and
  6. A mixed-use development at 4442 Ridge Avenue.