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How much for a tiny studio in Washington Square West?

What does a small space like this go for these days?

A bright but small studio with a ceiling fan, hardwood floors, and two big windows.
Can you guess the asking price of this tiny studio in Washington Square West?
Courtesy of Estately

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game, and today, we're looking at a itsy-bitsy studio in Washington Square West in honor of Micro Week on Curbed. Can you guess the asking price? And remember: No cheating!

What/Where: A 0-bedroom, 1-bath home in Washington Square West

Square footage: 321 square feet

As the listing states, "Just unpack your bags and you are home." Seriously though—it won’t take long because there’s just 321 square feet of space to stow your stuff. But there are plenty of perks to this small space: It comes fully furnished, for one, and the bathroom and hardwood floors have been updated. Also, it’s a condo unit, so there’s access to a gym and laundry, as well as a bike room so your wheels won’t take up any extra space in your home.

So, can you guess the asking price (not including condo fees)? Take a super quick tour, then take a guess.