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Philly Free Streets: Closed roads where you can walk, bike, and run

The first annual event takes place Saturday, September 24

This Saturday the city will host its inaugural Philly Free Streets event, turning 10 miles into pedestrian-only streets with fitness activities and events happening all along the way.

The event comes after a group of residents and game-changers under the name Open Streets PHL petitioned for months to bring the event to the city. In July, the city announced that it had heeded their plea and would host an Open Free Streets day on September 24.

Now under the name Philly Free Streets, the event will take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and shut down all of South Street from end to end, continuing up Schuylkill River along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

Here’s the official map, courtesy of Philly Free Streets.

And here’s another so-called unofficial, yet arguably more helpful, map that was "made by taking the City of Philadelphia’s official map and making some basic updates to make it easier to follow."