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Big Reveal: $99K for a studio in Washington Square West

Did you guess the right asking price?

Courtesy of the Atacan Group

Welcome back to Pricespotter! Yesterday we asked readers to guess the asking price of this teeny studio in Washington Square West. How much does a 321-square-foot condo go for these days in this popular neighborhood?

Turns out, less than most folks think. Nearly 30 percent of readers thought the asking price was $175,000. Another 23 percent said it was worth $150,000.

The actual asking price? $99,000.

Congrats to the 9 percent who guessed correctly! The small studio, which is pending sale as of yesterday, is located in the Arts condominium building at 1324 Locust Street, which is smack-dab in the middle of the neighborhood. And like we mentioned yesterday, it’s being offered full furnished, which makes the under $100K price tag all the more appealing. Monthly HOA fees are $400.

Thanks for playing along in this special Micro Week edition of Pricespotter!