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You can finally pay for Septa with a credit card

Welcome to 2016!

Well, it’s finally happened. You can finally pay for a subway ride in Philadelphia with plastic.

SEPTA announced that this week it will be rolling out another SEPTA Key feature that allows riders to purchase single-ride tickets with their debit or credit card instead of cash payment. The disposable tickets are called Quick Trips, and cost $2.25 each.

If this "news" sounds antiquated, that’s because it is. Until now, Philadelphia’s public transportation system has relied on cash-only transactions at a kiosk for actual tokens that required exact change. Earlier this year Septa rolled out the Septa Key, which allowed users to fill up a key card with subway rides. However, these key users cannot pay for single rides.

All stations will have the Quick Trip feature by October 17, according to Septa’s rollout plan. Until then, here’s where you can buy the tickets now:

  • Erie Torresdale Station
  • AT&T Station
  • Dilworth Park
  • Walnut Locust Station
  • 15th Street Station - Express/16th Street Entrances
  • Cecil B. Moore Station