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Survey: Philly millennials are happier with the city than others

Millennial renters gave Philadelphia an A-

This city’s never-ending quest to convince millennials that Philly is a great place to live and work may be paying off. A new report reveals that people in this age group are more satisfied with Philadelphia than others.

Apartment List just released results from its second annual Renter’s Satisfaction Survey, and found that while millennials gave Philly an A- grade for satisfaction, renters overall gave it a B.

Nothing’s wrong with being a B student. And it’s definitely an upgrade from last year’s survey, in which Philly earned a C-. In this most recent survey, Philly renters said they were extremely satisfied with the city’s access to public transit and parks, giving them an A grades.

But to no one’s surprise, it’s the big fat "F" renters gave Philly’s quality of schools that brought the city’s overall grade down to B. They also weren’t too satisfied with the city’s safety.

You can read the full results here.

Report: Philadelphia is the best city for millennials [Curbed Philly]