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Rendering: $300M mixed-use project proposed for North Broad parking lot

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The North Broad boom continues

A rendering of a proposed mixed-use development for Broad and Spring Garden.
Rendering by BLT Architects

No, you’re not having déjà vu: Yet another mixed-use development has been proposed for North Broad.

This time, it’s for a $300 million project at the corner of North Broad and Spring Garden streets. The 1.5-acre site is currently a parking lot owned by Parkway Corp., the same folks behind the mixed-use mid-rise project Hanover North Broad.

The current parking lot at 510 N. Broad Street.
Courtesy of Google Streetview

The 510 N. Broad Tower, designed by BLT Architects, will feature apartments, retail, and office space.

This is all in the beginning stages, but if the proposed project goes to plan this corner may hardly be recognizable in a few years. Across the street next to the Mural Arts Lofts is another parking lot, where developer Eric Blumenfeld plans to build his first ground-up retail. Talks of WaWa and Bank of America setting up shop surfaced last May.