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‘Subway therapy wall’ appears in Suburban Station

The massive installation from NYC has spread to Philly

You might notice something a little different next time you happen to walk through the Suburban Station concourse: Sticky notes. Lots of ‘em.

The so-called “Subway Therapy” movement has hit the Philly subway station at 16th and JFK, after originating in New York’s Union Square station post-presidential election. The pop-up art installation was whipped up by artist Matthew Levee, who encouraged people to write their post-election feelings on neon Post-It notes and stick them onto the wall. It became so popular that the New-York Historical Society decided to preserve the sticky notes.

In Philly, the question posed is a little different: “What is your vision for the future?” Still, it’s timely with Friday’s presidential inauguration. But according to PlanPhilly, it’s not clear who started the sticky notes movement here, though Levee said he knows of other places throughout the country where his idea has popped up.

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