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Philly artists protest Trump, promote love through public art

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Their work is hanging all over Philly buildings

Signs of Solidarity are hanging all around Philly as a way to protest the Inauguration and promote love and unity.
Photo by Conrad Benner for Streets Dept

Center City is protest central on Inauguration Day, as hundreds of people take to the streets this afternoon. But more than two dozen people are showing their opposition to the incoming Trump administration a different way: Through public art.

Signs of Solidarity is a dual-city protest that includes artists from Philadelphia and Atlanta who are dropping banners over various city buildings that display messages of love and inclusivity.

The organizers write, “‘Signs of Solidarity' is not a protest of a single man, but a reaction to what appears to be a global shift towards fear and exclusivity. We refuse to accept the normalization of divisiveness and the hate it breeds. Philadelphia is not only the birthplace of American democracy, but the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.”

There are more than 30 artists who are participating in the public art protest, led by a group of organizers and artists that include Eric Preisendanz, Aubrie Costello, Conor Gray, and Conrad Benner.

You can find all of the locations on the Signs of Solidarity Facebook page. Here are some of the banners you’ll find throughout the city today and the next few days.

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