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Fishtown is the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year

It put up a tough fight!

We have a winner! Ladies and gentlemen, Philadelphia's Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year is Fishtown!

The No. 2-ranked neighborhood, which last won the tourney in 2014, handily beat out its opponents in each round, taking down Grays Ferry (15) and Chestnut Hill (7) in the Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8, respectively.

The final championship round pit Fishtown and Brewerytown (9) against each other. Ultimately, Fishtown proved to Curbed readers that it’s on fire, from development to retail to restaurants, taking 54.28 percent of the vote—that’s just 119 more votes than Brewerytown, which put up a terrific fight throughout the entire tournament, proving itself as a worthy opponent of Fishtown.

So along with a fake trophy, let's high-five Fishtown: 2016 was your year. We can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2017!