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16 condos to replace demolished Graduate Hospital church

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Construction is already underway

A rendering of a condo development in Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood.
More condos are on the way in Graduate Hospital.
Renderings courtesy of Noah Ostroff

Farewell, 150-year-old church. Hello, new condos.

Work is underway on a new 16-unit condo development called Portofino at 17th and Bainbridge in Graduate Hospital, Naked Philly reports. According to building permits, there will be four triplexes and one quadraplex, totaling 16 condos in the development at 1701-9 Bainbridge Street. Renderings reveal that the units, clad in a mix of materials that includes brick, will also include back patios and terraces.

Noah Ostroff, whose real estate team is behind the project, tells Curbed Philly that the condos will be built in less than a year. “We should be finished by the beginning of the summer,” he said.

For nearly 150 years, that corner was home to the New Light Beulah Baptist Church before it met the wrecking ball this summer. Construction on the condos began soon after.

The now-demolished New Light Beulah Baptist Church will be home to a condo development.
Photo by Melissa Romero

Ostroff shared a sneak peek of the new development.