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How Philly home prices stack up right now, by neighborhood

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See which areas of the city are the most and the least expensive for buying in October

Now that we’re about halfway through the month of October, it’s time to check in on how home prices currently stack up in more than a dozen neighborhoods throughout Philly.

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX put all of the data together, measuring the average home prices in 19 neighborhoods by price per square foot. Constantine Valhouli, NeighborhoodX’s director of research, says looking at properties’ via price range per square foot gives a full picture of each neighborhood.

“Median listing price is a more common metric, but it does not take into account the very different housing types and sizes in different neighborhoods,” Valhouli explains.

“The October housing market report for Philadelphia revealed, for neighborhoods covered, a price range from $44 to $3,110 per square foot across the city,” says Valhouli.

The priciest property per square foot is located in Society Hill. That is, of course, the most expensive home for sale in Philadelphia, the two-bedroom mansion at 3rd and Walnut. With a $16,795,000, it comes out to $3,110 per square foot.

To see more in depth information about the analyzed Philly neighborhoods, check out the graph below. Hover over any data bar to learn more about the break down of averages.