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30th St. Station master developer search delayed due to Amazon HQ2

Amtrak has postponed its search until early 2018

Amtrak’s search for a master developer to take on its 30th Street Station District Plan just came to a halt in light of all of the Amazon hubbub.

Amtrak sent an e-mail to interested developers yesterday announcing the postponement of its request for qualifications (RFQ) for a master developer, the Inquirer first reported. The search will pick up again in early 2018.

The RFQ was issued in late August, seeking a developer to implement Amtrak’s 30th Street Station District Plan, a $6.5 billion venture to improve the station and create a mixed-use development all around the station.

Why the halt? Amazon.

It sounds like Amtrak is seriously considering Philly’s pitch to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to the city. The area surrounding the 30th Street Station District Master Plan, which includes Schuylkill Yards, is said to be one of the spots being pitched by the city to Amazon.

Amtrak’s e-mail is in full is below:

In light of the recent announcement by Amazon of its search for a second corporate headquarters and the City of Philadelphia’s interest in submitting a proposal, Amtrak has decided to postpone the current Philadelphia Master Developer Partnership Request for Qualifications (RFQ) until early 2018.

While Philadelphia is still determining the best site to present to Amazon, Amtrak feels it best to suspend its solicitation for a master developer until such time a decision on the Amazon headquarters has been made.

Please be aware that Amtrak’s RFQ for Philadelphia Master Developer has been cancelled with no further information available at this time. All events, site tours and due dates have been cancelled.

Pitches to Amazon are due by October 19. Stay tuned.

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