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You can now use SEPTA’s one-way tickets at any El or Broad Street station


SEPTA’s one-way tickets can now be bought and used at any subway station.
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Here’e some good news to start the weekend, Philly: Starting Friday, you can now buy—and use—a SEPTA Quick Trip ticket from any station on the Market-Frankford Line or the Broad Street Lines.

This change is very crucial: When SEPTA first rolled out these one-way paper tickets last year, you could only use the ticket at the station where you bought it. So if you bought a one-way ticket from, say, 15th Street Station and took the Broad Street Line to AT&T Stadium Station for a game, you had to buy another one-way ticket back from the AT&T Stadium Station.

No longer. Now, you can buy two tickets from any transit location and use them at any other station.

Some important facts that haven’t changed, though:

  • Tickets are still $2.50 (you can use a credit or debit card for payment).
  • They’re not valid on buses or for transfers and you can’t reload them. You’ll want a SEPTA Key for that.
  • Tickets are only valid for the same day you bought them.