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Big Reveal: Renovated West Passyunk home wants $259K

Did you guess the right asking price?

Most readers guessed the right price tag for this recently renovated home in West Passyunk.
Photos by Plate3 Photography for Michael Garden Group

Welcome back to Pricespotter, Curbed’s guessing game! Yesterday, we asked readers to guess the price tag on this recently renovated home in West Passyunk. How much does home list for these days after a top-to-bottom reno?

One commenter pointed out that in this case, location is key: “I think the location will play a large role. There will be a tremendous price difference between a home that’s right by broad or home further west.”

That’s certainly true, but it didn’t seem to throw off readers this time around. Of the more than 100 people that took our poll, 36 percent of readers guessed the right price tag of $259,900. The second most popular guess was a tad higher at $275,000, garnering 30 percent of votes.

The home is located on a corner at 2047 S. Garnet Street in West Passyunk, just below Point Breeze boundaries and a few blocks west of Broad Street.

Now given the exact location, what do you think about the $259,900 price tag? It’s a two-bedroom home with a private parking spot, and its transformation from when it last sold for $85,000 as a fixer-upper is definitely impressive.

Maybe it’s something to be considered in person: There’s an open house on Saturday, October 7 from 12 to 2 p.m. and Sunday, October 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Photos by Plate3 Photography