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This map reveals stress levels for biking in Philly and beyond

How stressful is it to travel Philly by bike?

A new map highlights the comfort level of bicyclists in traffic throughout the Delaware Valley Region.
Screenshot via DVRPC

Biking through any city can be nerve-racking. Now, a new map reveals exactly how stressful it is to bike in Philly and beyond.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Corporation (DVRPC) recently released an interactive map of the five counties in the Delaware Valley that highlights the Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) all throughout the region, based on the comfort of bicyclists in traffic.

Here’s how that breaks down:

  • LTS 1: Comfortable enough for everyone, relaxing, and kid-friendly
  • LTS 2: Comfortable enough for cyclists interested, but concerned; suitable for most adults and little traffic stress
  • LTS 3: Comfortable enough for “enthused and confident” cyclists; moderate traffic stress
  • LTS 4: Comfortable enough for the “strong and fearless” rider; high traffic stress

As the interactive map details, in Philly it’s a bit of a mixed-bag, with its main boulevards and traffic arteries like Broad Street garnering an LTS 4 rating (red). Throughout the region, areas that had protected bike lanes and trails like Circuit Trails earned LTS 1 ratings and are highlighted in green.

Screenshot via DVRPC

In the suburbs, the map-makers took a step further and analyzed where some spots could be downgraded from LTS3, therefore making the roads more comfortable for more bicyclists and create more low-stress connections. This analysis for Philadelphia is still in draft-form, but DVRPC transportation planner Sarah Moran, says the analysis should be released within the next year.

Check out the interactive map here.