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Upscale apartment service Stayawhile launches in Philly

The furnished, extended-stay apartments are in the heart of Old City

Stayawhile, global network of extended-stay apartments, has come to Philly.
Courtesy of Stayawhile

A new kind of extended-stay apartment service has come to Philly, this time catering to the middle tier of so-called digital nomads.

Stayawhile, a global network of furnished and high-end apartments designed for medium-length stays, has launched in the heart of Philly’s Old City neighborhood in a new building at 300 Market Street.

The service has described itself to Curbed as such: “It’s as if Airbnb and Soho House had a baby.” Essentially, it touts itself for offering a more flexible model of housing, so that anyone—whether you’re in between homes, renovating, or constantly traveling for work—can rent them out.

Here’s how it works: Users apply for membership and must pass credit checks. Once approved, members have access to all Stayawhile locations worldwide. Since different cities have different housing laws, the minimum length of stay varies, but 30 days is required at the Philly location.

If you tend to visit a certain city a lot, there’s also the option for a Stayawhile Trunk. This trunk will be inside your apartment when you walk through the door, stacked with whatever you’ve left behind from your last visit.

Stayawhile only started in June 2017, and just recently started its services in Philly in October. All of the units are studios that are furnished and fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

There’s a focus on high-end design, too, making them more appealing than your standard corporate housing setup. Each studio has furniture by Article, Parachute bedding, and Crate and Barrel products. They also all have voice-activated Amazon television and Echo Dots.

At the building at 3rd and Market, there are three apartments available. The rates are $78 per day and about $2,340 per month.

Stayawhile at 300 Market Street in Old City.
Photo by Melissa Romero

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