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61 Philly parks, libraries, and rec centers chosen for Rebuild investment

Here’s the full list

Kingsessing Library and Recreation Center is one of the 61 sites chosen for Rebuild investment.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Rebuild Philadelphia, the $500 million mission to improve Philly’s parks, libraries, and recreation centers, just released the full list of 61 sites it plans to invest in over the next 18 months.

The list and official project statement was submitted Thursday to City Council, which has to make the final approval. Of the 61 chosen sites, there are 23 playgrounds, 19 recreation centers, seven recreation centers and libraries, seven parks, and five libraries scattered throughout Philly.

Rebuild is a cornerstone of Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration. Its goal is to put $500 million toward renovating and rehabbing Philly’s parks, rec centers, and libraries.

“It’s clear that there is need, both community-based and physical, across the city,” said Nicole Westerman, Executive Director of Rebuild in a statement. “This list includes sites of all sizes and types in every part of Philadelphia.”

Rebuild has chosen 61 sites around Philly to invest in based on key criteria.
Courtesy of Rebuild

So how did Rebuild whittle down its list from 400-plus sites to 61? Its priorities included making sure that the sites were located in neighborhoods with high needs and sites with urgent physical needs, and where the projects may have a stabilizing or revitalizing effect.

To find out which neighborhood sites qualified, Rebuild took a look at data including obesity and diabetes rates, poverty, crime, household growth, market analysis, and residential building permits. All of that data is now publicly available at Rebuild’s website via interactive maps.

The announcement is the latest move for Rebuild, which recently announced the list of organizations that qualify as “project users,” and will be able to apply for grants to manage improvements to these sites.

Here’s the full list of every single proposed site for Rebuild. The goal, Westerman said, is forge ahead “as the beverage tax challenge is upheld.” Rebuild will benefit from the city’s soda tax, but those funds have been tied up in litigation.

61 Rebuild sites

Name Site Type Location
Name Site Type Location
Powers Park, Richmond Library Rec Center/Library 2987 Almond Street
Kingsessing Recreation Center, Kingsessing Library Rec Center/Library 4901 Kingsessing Avenue
John C. Anderson Cultural Center, Wynnefield Library Rec Center/Library 5325 Overbrook Avenue
Martin Luther King Recreation Center, Cecil B. Moore Library Rec Center/Library 2101-35 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Fishtown Recreation Center, Fishtown Library Rec Center/Library 1202-32 E. Montgomery Avenue
McPherson Square Rec Center/Library 601 E. Indiana Avenue
Lawncrest Recreation Center, Lawncrest Library Rec Center/Library 6000 Rising Sun Avenue
Paschalville Library 6942 Woodland Avenue
Blanche A. Nixon Library 5800 Cobbs Creek Parkway
Haverford Avenue Library 5543 Haverford Avenue
Nicetown-Tioga Library 3720 N. Broad Street
West Oak Lane Library 2000 Washington Lane
Trenton & Auburn Playground Playground 2200 E. Auburn Street
Capitolo Playground Playground 900 Federal Street
Chew Playground Playground 1800 Washington Avenue
James Finnegan Playground Playground 6801 Grovers Avenue
Miles Mack Playground Playground 732-66 N 36th Street
West Mill Creek Playground Playground 5100 Westminster Avenue
Mander Playground Playground 33rd and Diamond Streets
Hancock Playground Playground 147 Master Street
8th & Diamond Playground Playground 2032-62 N 8th Street
Coxe Park Playground Playground 2132-34 Cherry Street
Moss Playground Playground 5700 Torresdale Avenue
Frank Glavin Playground Playground 3267-81 Almond Street
Holme School Playground Playground 9152 Academy Road
Russo Park Playground Playground 7301 Torresdale Avenue
Piccoli Playground Playground 1501 E Bristol Street
Waterloo Playground Playground 2502-12 N Howard Street
Nelson Playground Playground 2500-34 N 03rd Street
Jerome Brown Playground Playground 1919-41 W Ontario Street
Barrett Playground Playground 641 Lindley Avenue
Zeihler Playground Playground 200-64 E Olney Avenue
Cherashore Playground Playground 851 W Olney Avenue
Hayes Playground Playground 9850 Roosevelt Boulevard
Gifford Playground Playground 575 Tomlinson Road
Harrowgate Park Park 3455 Kensington Avenue
Malcolm X Memorial Park Park 5100 Pine Street
Cobbs Creek Environmental Center Park 700 Cobbs Creek Parkway
Carroll Park Park 5801 W Girard Avenue
Al Pearlman Sports Complex Park 600 Port Royal Avenue
Parkside Fields Park West Fairmount Park
Fotteral Square Park 2400 N 11th Street
Cohocksink Recreation Center Rec Center 2901 Cedar Street
Heitzman Recreation Center Rec Center 2136 Castor Avenue
Murphy Recreation Center Rec Center 300 Shunk Street
Vare Recreation Center Rec Center 2600 Morris Street
Francis J Meyers Recreation Center Rec Center 5800 Chester Avenue
Marian Anderson Recreation Center Rec Center 740 S 17th Street
Cobbs Creek Park & Rec Center Rec Center 280 Cobbs Creek Parkway
Carousel House Rec Center 1701 Belmont Avenue
Shepard Recreation Center Rec Center 5700 Haverford Avenue
Cecil B Moore Recreation Center Rec Center 2020-50 W Lehigh Avenue
Athletic Recreation Center Rec Center 1450 N 26th Street
Vogt Recreation Center Rec Center 4131 Unruh Avenue
Disston Recreation Center Rec Center 4423 Longshore Avenue
Rivera Recreation Center Rec Center 3201 North 5th Street
McVeigh Recreation Center Rec Center 400-64 E Ontario Street
Happy Hollow Recreation Center Rec Center 4740 Wayne Avenue
Belfield Recreation Center Rec Center 2109 W Chew Avenue
Panati Recreation Center Rec Center 3101-27 N 22nd Street
Olney Recreation Center / Hammond and Nedro Rec Center 100 E Godfrey Avenue