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Wawa plans big location next to Independence Hall

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In the historic Public Ledger Building

Wawa has applied to install signage in its next location next to Independence Hall.
Rendering by David A. Levy & Associates

Wawa, which hands out thousands of free hoagies every year at the foot of Independence Hall during July Fourth festivities, now wants to be its permanent neighbor.

The local franchise plans to set up shop next door to Independence Hall on the ground floor of the historic Public Ledger Building at 6th and Chestnut.

The news comes weeks after rumors started circulating about Wawa’s next planned location at 150 S. Independence Mall West. They were all but confirmed when the Inquirer noted that design plans had been posted to the Philadelphia Historical Commission’s website on Tuesday.

Wawa plans to install a marquee sign at the corner of 6th and Chestnut.
Photo by Melissa Romero

The Public Ledger Building was built in 1923 and was designed by Horace Trumbauer. It’s listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, so any changes made to the exterior of the building require the commission’s approval. Wawa wants to install signs and a marquee along Chestnut Street, according to the design proposal.

The documents also show that Wawa’s lease would clock in at 7,636 square feet, making it the largest location in the city, surpassing its spot at 1900 Market. Another 6,196-square-foot Wawa is in store for East Market at 12th and Market.

The application will first be reviewed on Tuesday, December 15 by the commission’s architectural committee, which will vote whether or not to recommend the exterior changes to the commission.