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Mixed-income housing bill takes next step forward

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It was voted out of the Committee of Rules and moves to City Council

An inclusionary zoning bill proposed for Center City has cleared another hurdle.
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At Tuesday’s Committee on Rules public meeting, the proposed proposed mixed-income housing bill took a step forward when it was voted out of the committee. It is now in the hands of City Council, although a vote will not be made until next year due to Council rules.

The mixed-income housing bill No. 170678 proposes requiring development projects proposed for Greater Center City and portions of University City that include 10 units or more to set aside 10 percent of the units for affordable housing. The zoning code has a similar inclusionary program that is currently voluntary; the bill would make it mandatory.

The proposed bill, which underwent significant amendments in late November, has been opposed by the building industry and supported by affordable housing advocates. At a November 27 public hearing, the Committee on Rules listened to five hours of testimony over the bill. At the time, the committee ruled to delay a vote until December 5.

With the vote to move Bill. 170678 out of the committee, it now awaits final vote with City Council. The date is TBD, but it will take place next year when council returns from winter recess, which isn’t until January 25.

Read the full amended mixed-income housing bill here.