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11 Philly holiday gifts to give this season

From custom wooden maps to other jawn made by local artists

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Photo by Heidi’s Bridge

If you haven’t made it out to one of Philly’s many, many holiday markets and pop-up shops to do all of your gift shopping, never fear. There are still more than two weeks to go until the big day, and these days some of the most thoughtful gifts you can give are just a click away.

Take these 11 items, for example. From an adult coloring book to a “Jawnament” (what you get when you combine “jawn” with “ornament”), they all offer something a little different. But they do have one thing in common: Philadelphia, a city in which us Curbed Philly folks love to live.

Happy shopping!

Drawn Jawn coloring book

  • $18

Artist Kate Otte released this coloring book (for both kids and adults!), cleverly named Drawn Jawn, this year. It highlights both the good and the downright weird about Philly. You can order on Etsy, but we’ve also seen it for sale in local bookstores and gift shops around the city.

Vintage posters of Philly’s parks

  • $15

It’s cool art for a good cause: Some proceeds from the sales of these vintage posters will go toward the Fairmount Park Conservancy. The posters, created by Philly Outside, feature scenes from the Wissahickon, Belmont Plateau, and more beloved Philly parks. There are also pint glasses for sale with the prints on them, too.

| Photo by Heidi’s Bridge

Custom woodcut map of Philly

  • $50

Emma Fried-Cassorla, the brains behind Philly Love Notes, has been slicing and dicing up these beautiful laser-cut wood maps of Philadelphia for years. Not only are they delicate designs, but they can be custom made to your liking.

| Photo by Joseph E. B. Elliott

Finding the Hidden City

  • $36

Consider it the perfect coffee table book: Finding the Hidden City highlights the lesser-known wonders and history of Philadephia, with fascinating insight from authors Nathaniel Popkin and Peter Woodall and stunning photos by Joseph E.B. Elliott.

36 Views of Philadelphia postcard book

  • $25

Historic preservation expert and sketcher extraordinaire Ben Leech’s 36 Views of Philadelphia book features, you guessed it, 36 scenes and views of the city in sketch-form. Keep the book as is, hang them up, or send them out to your friends and family.

| Steve Weinik

Mural Arts tote bag

  • $18

Sure, Philly’s thousands of murals are there for your constant viewing pleasure, but now you can carry one around with you. This Mural Arts foldable tote bag features the popular Tell the Truth mural by artist Martha Rich. Mural Arts-themed T-shirts, mugs, and hats make for good gifts, too.

| Photo by Carlos Avendaño

Pillow by Ann Hamilton

  • $72

The Fabric Workshop Museum’s shop is filled with gorgeous textiles and handmade gifts by it’s artists, like this pillow featuring the design of Ann Hamilton. Hand screen-printed on natural linen, the design was inspired by drawing from an 18th-century weaving pattern book that Hamilton found in the Rare Books Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia.