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The iconic log cabin in Northern Liberties is for sale

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Own an old home amid a sea of new construction

The iconic log cabin house in Northern Liberties is for sale, asking $639,000.

Amid the sea of new construction that continues to pop up in Northern Liberties remains the iconic “Log Cabin House” at 872-78 N. Lawrence Street. Now, after decades of stopping passersby in their tracks, it’s for sale.

The log cabin is an immediate standout for obvious reasons, and given the city’s history it’d be easy to assume that it dates back to the 17th century. But this cabin is not historic—it was built in 1985 by artist Jeff Thomas as both a home and an art project, listing agent Lisa Silveri tells Curbed Philly.

Thomas built it at a time when Northern Liberties was struggling with blight, decades before it would experience an incredible resurgence and building boom where homes now ask $500,000 or more. He lived in the neighborhood for 33 years, witnessing the transformation first hand from the log cabin.

The 1,152-square-foot property itself is pretty minimal. There is one bedroom and one bathroom. But that character!

Built for $50,000, today it’s on the market asking $639,000 and is being sold as-is.

Here are some photos of the property taken a few years ago when Curbed Philly last eyed this memorable home: