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Comcast Technology Center condos sold to Comcast CEO for $14.3M

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The ultimate work-from-home setup

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is the owner of three condo units in the Comcast Technology Center.
Photo by Beau Rosario for Philamedia Co.

It’s confirmed: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and his wife Aileen are the owners of three condo units in the still under construction Comcast Technology Center.

The Inquirer reported that the husband and wife, residents of Chestnut Hill, bought the entire 45th floor of the 60-story tower for $14.3 million in December. The three units will be run by the Four Seasons Hotel, which will take up the top floors of the skyscraper.

The deal may not come as a surprise to some: When news first broke about the three sold residences, many speculated that the new owners were likely Comcast executives. One Curbed reader commented, “Given how they’ve already been purchased and all the weird restrictions on selling these units, I think they might be intended for top Comcast executives only and not available to the general public.”

The contracts for the condos had some very specific requirements of the new owners, mostly that they had to agree to being good neighbors to the Comcast employees who will be working below the residences and Four Seasons.

Construction on the Comcast Technology Center is expected to finish up in 2018.

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