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How much for a cozy Fishtown 3-bedroom home?

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Try to guess the asking price

What’s the price tag on this Fishtown home?

Pricespotter is Curbed's pricing guessing game, and today, we're looking at a 3-bedroom brick rowhome in Fishtown, the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year. Can you guess the asking price? And remember: No cheating!

What/where: A 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom brick rowhome in Fishtown

Square footage: 1,442 square feet

For this week’s Pricespotter, we’re taking a look at this cute and cozy Fishtown home. By now we all know that this neighborhood is on the up and up—Curbed readers voted it the Neighborhood of the Year—so it may be tough to find a home here at an affordable price. This particular property seems like it would be a great starter-home, and it boasts two outdoor spaces (the wet bar on the second story near the entrance of the upper deck is a nice touch). It also has hardwood floors and exposed brick throughout.

Think you can guess the asking price? Take a tour, then take our poll!